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Fundus Theater

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  • Children’s theatre
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
The theatre was launched by Sylvia Deinert and Tine Krieg as a travelling theatre in April 1980. In 1993, the theatre group acquired its own rehearsal stage, and in September 1997, the Fundus Theater opened its doors to its audience on the premises of a former coffee and tobacco roasting company in Hamburg-Eilbek. Since then, the Fundus Theater has staged premieres and its own productions, and there are also premieres and performances by children’s theatre groups from Hamburg as well as other guest performances.

The Fundus Theater’s programme is targeted at children of between three and twelve years of age. In these productions, images and language, gestures and material, dance figures and sound, have equal status and are presented side by side. On the Fundus Theater’s stage, there is interplay between puppet theatre and acting, music, film and the visual arts.

“Research Theatre at the Fundus Theater” was set up as part of the theatre’s programme in 2002 under Dr Sibylle Peters’ management. In September 2011, the programme will be turned into real theatre, when the Fundus Theater opens Germany’s first laboratory that is to devote itself entirely to research into childhood, art and science.

Cooperation with teachers from our partner schools makes it possible to involve the audience in the creative process of theatre projects. Scenic techniques are used to transform everyday situations – for example at school – into scenarios for experimentation.
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