Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

GRIPS Theater

GRIPS Theater © Jan Schenck

  • Children’s theatre
  • Youth club
GRIPS was set up in the wake of the student movement in the sixties in West Berlin, emerging from the “Kindertheater im Reichskabarett”. With pieces such as “Max und Milli“ and “Das Hältste ja im Kopf nicht aus“, it gained a national and international reputation as an emancipatory children’s and youth theatre. The renown and popularity of the world’s most famous children’s and youth theatre is partly due to Volker Ludwig’s musicals for adults, such as the legendary “Linie 1“, “Café Mitte“ and “Schöne neue Welt“. GRIPS’ plays have been restaged more than 1,500 times in some 40 languages around the world. Nearly 100,000 theatregoers attend performances by the GRIPS Theater in Berlin each year, making it a theatre with one of the highest percentages of ticket sales. Many works are premiered at the GRIPS Theater Berlin. For more than thirty years, it has developed most of its plays itself with a permanent ensemble of actors. In the 2011 / 2012 season, after nearly four decades as artistic director, Volker Ludwig passed on the baton to Stefan Fischer-Fels, a former GRIPS dramaturge who was previously director at the Junges Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.

The GRIPS Theater’s youth club is called “Banda Agita“. Each season, the young people prepare and stage a production. GRIPS also offers theatre education programmes, workshops and performances in schools. In cooperation with the energy company GASAG, the theatre presents its annual Berlin children’s theatre prize to authors of works for children’s and youth theatre.

The “GRIPS Werke e.V.“ association promotes theatre and cultural education relating to the GRIPS Theater.
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