Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

HELIOS Theater

HELIOS Theater © Uwe Grützner

  • Children’s theatre
  • Youth theatre
  • Youth clubs
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
The HELIOS Theater was set up as an independent theatre in Cologne in 1989 by artists working in various genres. Since then, actors, puppeteers and musicians have cooperated with the directors to stage theatre productions, performances and coproductions with other theatres. In close cooperation with the people involved, themes are developed, narratives dramatised and material studies on plays developed.

In 1997, the theatre accepted the offer of the City of Hamm and moved to Westphalia. In September 2004, after 7-years of planning, extensions and renovation, the theatre moved into a theatre of its own. The theatre-makers defined it as a children’s theatre, both in terms of its architecture and the concept for the content of its work. The HELIOS Theater’s productions are regularly invited to attend festivals in Germany and throughout Europe and have been awarded a number of prizes in recent years.

The theatre’s artistic directors since its foundation have been Barbara Kölling as stage manager and Michael Lurse as actor.
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