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Junges Ensemble Stuttgart

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The Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES) was set up in 2003 as the children’s and youth theatre of the City of Stuttgart. Under Brigitte Dethier’s management, the JES soon established itself in Germany’s children’s and youth theatre scene. The Ensemble consists of three actors, supplemented by a number of regular guest performers. JES’s productions are often based on thematic posits on the basis of which everyone involved develops material through improvisation. The JES also offers a wide range of youth clubs and workshops for children and young people. “drama”, Stuttgart’s annual festival of school theatre, takes place at the JES once a year, with selected school theatre groups of all age levels showing their productions at the JES. Every two years, the JES also stages “Schöne Aussicht”, an international children’s and youth theatre festival, inviting guest performances from all around Europe. The meetings at this festival have already resulted in cooperation with a number of foreign directors at the JES.

The Junges Ensemble Stuttgart is supported by the Verein Kinder- und Jugendkultur e.V. (Children’s and Youth Culture Association).
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