Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

junges theater konstanz

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  • Children’s and youth theatre section of Theater Konstanz
  • Children’s and youth clubs
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
In 1989, the junges theater konstanz was set up as an integrated section of Theater Konstanz. Since then, it has performed all the year around at three venues: the Stadttheater, the Spiegelhalle and the workshop for children from the age of three, teenagers and young adults. Play developments and book adaptations are on the programme, as are new plays and classic works of literature for children’s and youth theatre. In addition, mobile productions are made each year that are shown in kindergartens and schools. The programme is supplemented by figure and puppet theatre productions. In 2011, the junges theater konstanz was invited to perform its production of A Clockwork Orange at the youth theatre festival “Augenblick Mal!” in Berlin.

The programme is supplemented by a wide variety of theatre education sessions. Theatre courses are offered and school theatre projects developed in cooperation with the region’s schools. Once a year, the junges theatre Konstanz puts on “freestyle – the Konstanz Pupils’ Theatre Workshop”, in which pupils can attend theatre workshops on a wide variety of subjects. In cooperation with the local authority in Freiburg, the junges theater konstanz offers regular further training sessions for teachers in theatre education and runs five different theatre clubs, with more than 150 people of different ages taking part each year.
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