Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany


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  • Children’s theatre
  • Youth theatre
  • Children’s and youth clubs
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
“Get involved!“ is the motto of the KRESCHtheater, which was set up in 1991 as the municipal children’s and youth theatre centre of the City of Krefeld. It is probably Germany’s smallest municipal two-section theatre without a permanent ensemble. The first section stages professional productions for audiences of all age groups, premieres, new interpretations of classics, improvisation theatre, theatre for tiny tots, mobile productions and music theatre. The second section runs youth clubs for different age groups, giving youngsters an opportunity to get involved in their own ambitious productions, as well as organising a wide range of other theatre education activities.

Under the management team consisting of Jürgen Sauerland-Freer, Franz Mestre and Helmut Wenderoth, the KRESCHtheater cultivates intensive contact with pupils and teachers within these two sections as well as in additional activities, stimulates exchange with the children’s and youth theatre scene in Germany and abroad, promotes professional contemporary drama, involves children and young people in creating productions and gives up-and coming creative actors and directors room for personal development.
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