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Thalias Kompagnons

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  • Children’s theatre
Thalias Kompagnons was founded in 1990. Its permanent staff are Tristan Vogt and Joachim Torbahn, who develop their productions with guest performers. They shared a performance venue with the theatre salz&pfeffer until 2008. Since then, they have been working as a travelling theatre without a fixed venue.

In their productions, Thalias Kompagnons work at the interface of acting, puppet theatre and music theatre. Guest performances of their cheeky yet profound versions of operas and classics, (including Wagner’s “Ring”, “Macbeth” and “The Magic Flute”), are equally welcome at independent stages, festivals and state-run theatres.

With their painting-theatre productions for children, they succeeded in making an internationally admired, innovative synthesis of art and theatre. Their homage to Paul Klee, “Was macht das Rot am Donnerstag?” (What does Red do on Thursday?) for children from the age of 4 received invitations to attend festivals in more than 20 countries, including the USA, Japan, Russia and Australia. In 2008, the Thalias Kompagnons theatre won the cultural prize of the city of Nuremberg.
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