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Theater Triebwerk

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  • Children’s theatre
Theater Triebwerk was set up in 1995 as a narrative theatre group in Hamburg. The group is a community of self-employed theatre-makers who come together to work in projects to draft concepts and prepare productions. Theater Triebwerk does not have its own performance venue.

Theater Triebwerk’s productions are targeted primarily at children, but are also made for young people and adults. Focal areas of work they all have in common are their use of live stage music as a theatrical element, their interest in bringing narrative theatre to life and the space they make for improvisation and discovery where linguistic, musical and choreographic elements are found.

Theater Triebwerk’s narrative theatre takes a very musical approach. In its work, the collective tries to discover the energies that are created when human organs of perception influence one another. They see theatre productions/performances in their entirety as musical events. Thus, music is not only a means to create moods and atmospheres, but becomes a third “narrator”, on an equal footing with the text and the acting.

Theater Triebwerk is a member of ASSITEJ Germany and KITSZ e.V. Hamburg.
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