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The TheaterGrueneSosse opened the youth theatre section at the Theaterhaus Frankfurt with its premiere of "Robinson & Crusoe" in March 1991. Since then, many successful plays for young people have been produced, and over the last few years, a repertoire has also been built up for children from the age of 6. As a partner of the Theaterhaus, the TheaterGrueneSosse’s ensemble has had a major influence on the programme of Theaterhaus Frankfurt, which opened in 1991 as a production and performance venue for independent theatre ensembles from Frankfurt am Main. Willy Combecher, Sigi Herold and Detlef Köhler are an ensemble who paved the way and set an example for the Theaterhaus Ensemble, and it is thanks to their work that the Theaterhaus is now devoted entirely to children’s and youth theatre.

Since 1998, the TheaterGrueneSosse has had a Junges Ensemble, in which young people can learn acting techniques and experience the process of ensemble work from collecting material and rehearsals to preparing a premiere. Increasingly, the Junges Ensemble has also been developing its own plays. In 2011, it was awarded the Children’s and Youth Theatre Prize of the City of Frankfurt.

Since the TheaterGrueneSosse travelled with the first UN convoy to perform in Sarajevo in war-torn Bosnia in 1995, it has staged many guest performances abroad. The work of the TheaterGrueneSosse has received a number of awards including the Marburg Children’s and Youth Theatre Prize.
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