Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

Theaterhaus Frankfurt am Main

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  • Children’s theatre
  • Youth theatre
The Theaterhaus Ensemble was set up in summer 2000 with four permanent actors. Its production and performance venue is at the Theaterhaus in central Frankfurt, which opened in 1991 as the production and performance venue of independent theatre ensembles from Frankfurt am Main. Since it was set up, the theatre has increased the number of performances staged with its partners, independent theatres from Frankfurt and guest performers from Germany and abroad to more than 250 each year.

From January 2005 to October 2008, Dutch children’s and youth theatre-maker Rob Vriens was the Theaterhaus Ensemble’s artistic director and stage director. Under his management, nine productions were staged during this time. They influenced the Ensemble’s style, making it successful beyond Frankfurt and Hesse. Other well-known directors extended its repertoire with plays for all age groups.

The Ensemble works continually on productions that are suitable for guest performances. This results in a varied spectrum of forms and motifs. Modern versions of mythological subjects and contemporary themes by contemporary authors are staged. What all the plays have in common is that they provide entertainment in the best sense of the word for audiences young and old alike, presenting a challenge to their minds and hearts.
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