Stages for children‘s and youth theatre in Germany

Junge Württembergische Landesbühne

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  • Children’s and youth theatre section
  • Children’s and youth clubs
  • Theatre education sessions for schools
The Junge WLB’s ensemble was founded in 1981. Since then, it has worked continually with varying structures at the Landesbühne in Esslingen. Today, the section consists of seven actors and an artistic director. Eleven new productions are prepared each year. For the Junge WLB’s actors and directors, children’s and youth theatre involves creating tools for cultural education, opening up space for participation, looking for meaning and inviting audiences to take part in a game that gets across to them “that means me“.

In Esslingen, where the theatre is based, the theatre can arrange its programme independently in cooperation with schools, while in the region at large, it has to fight for the favour of a wide range of cultural administration bodies which take different forms and have different tastes. One aesthetic feature common to all the theatre’s works is that they are becoming increasingly emancipated from spoken theatre. The artistic focus is on communicating in a hybrid society and it seeks forms of expression that do justice to the multilingualism of its audience. The Junge WLB’s cooperation with schools is consciously used as a way of enabling everyone to get involved. Thus, it has initiated a cultural education network in cooperation with schools and other cultural institutions in Esslingen.

Esslingen is a co-founder of the working group on children’s and youth theatre in Baden-Württemberg, and the Junge WLB’s director is currently also the group’s spokesman. All the Junge WLB’s productions are supplemented by a wide range of theatre education activities. Eight drama clubs are also associated with the WLB.
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