Kristo Šagor

Kristo Šagor, © Karolin Bofinger Born in 1976 at Stadtoldendorf and grew up in Lübeck. Since 1996 he has been studying German Literature, Theatre, and Linguistics at Berlin's Free University, and also spent a year at Trinity College, Dublin (Ireland). His plays have already won many awards and been performed in such places as Brunswick, Mannheim, Bochum, and Berlin. By now he also directs plays and films. Šagor represented Germany at the Interplay European Festival of Young Dramatists at Warsaw in autumn 2000, and at the Interplay World Festival of Young Playwrights at Townsville (Australia) in summer 2001. "Fremdeln", commissioned by and premiered at Bremen's MOKS Theatre in May 2001, was nominated in 2002 for the German Youth Theatre Prize.

Prizes and Awards

  • Halle Thalia Theatre's Dramatists Prize 2001 for "Unbeleckt"
  • The Public's Prize at the Heidelberg Play Market 2001
  • Baden Württemberg Friedrich Schiller Memorial Prize 2002
  • Nominated for the German Youth Theatre Prize 2002 (for "Fremdeln")
  • 2003, Second Prize for “FSK 16” at the “Kass & Kappes” 5th Dutch-German Festival of Theatre for Children and Young People, Duisburg