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“Blauer als sonst” (Bluer than Usual) by Eva Rottmann

„Blauer als sonst“ © Christof R. Schmidt

Eva Rottmann was born in Würzburg in 1983. In 2004, she began to study in the performative arts and film department at Zürich University of the Arts and was involved in many theatre projects during her studies. Since 2008, when she gained her diploma, she has been a freelance theatre professional, working as a drama pedagogue, director and writer. In the 2009/10 season, she was employed at the Schauspielhaus Zürich as a drama pedagogue.

Finn is 14, new to the city and to the school. And his feelings are new too. Jule is in in Finn’s class and at some point, after testing each other on their vocabulary, they put each other to the test, asking, “Why do you like me?” This lightheartedness soon gives way to external pressure. Others have “done it” already long ago. Sex is a constant subject of discussion of the boys on the football pitch after school, and Finn’s father, too, keeps asking questions. The pair are assailed by other peoples’ expectations, but their own wishes and fears are put on hold for the time being. It becomes a challenge to find their own pace in this emotional whirlpool, to pause for thought and enjoy the moments when the sky is bluer than usual. Finn’s father, too, realises anew that this challenge can be overcome when he meets a girl with whom he was at school. "Fat Seidel" has become an attractive, mature woman, and the red hearts in their exercise books and youthful daydreams suddenly take on a very real quality.
(Felix Bloch Erben)

“Blauer als sonst” is about love and all its by-products. It is impressive for its lack of clichés and ingenious structure.
(Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

2012 "Kaas&Kappes" Dutch-German Prize for Young People’s Drama for “Blauer als sonst”
Technical Data
Premiere 11.05.2011, Junges Schauspielhaus Zürich
Director Steffen Pietsch
Number of roles 2 female, 2 male
Recommended age 12 +
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