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“Die mich jagen” (Those Who Hunt Me) by Eva Rottmann

© Frank Wölfl„Die mich jagen“ © Frank Wölfl

Eva Rottmann was born in Würzburg in 1983. In 2004, she began to study in the performative arts and film department at Zürich University of the Arts and was involved in many theatre projects during her studies. Since 2008, when she gained her diploma, she has been a freelance theatre professional, working as a drama pedagogue, director and writer. In the 2009/10 season, she was employed at the Schauspielhaus Zürich as a drama pedagogue.

“Truth is always a three-word sentence. He is dead. I love you. She has gone. Everything was better." But truth is as transient as paradise, of which everyone wants to find, or believes they have found, a little piece. Charlotte is 17, a wilful, strong girl with an equally strong sense of justice. She has moved to a small town with her mother. It is not all that easy to find her niche there, partly because she feels obliged to take her mother by the hand: "For my mother, the good times are over, although when they were happening, they weren’t good at all" and "now she’s acting as if we had been expelled from paradise". It is a hard new start for both of them. Adam, too, feels that he has been expelled from paradise. He can hardly survive on his pension, his stomach is rumbling, his thoughts are confused, and bidding farewell to his Eve is painful – his happiness has gone with her. The days go by in laboured regularity: "The flat is so quiet that one is afraid of own heartbeat." Adam sets out to break free and breaks into a stranger’s house. Looking for food, for a new place for himself, or to prove something to himself and his Eve? That is how he ends up standing outside a stranger’s door at night, facing Jannik. The 16-year-old was expecting Charlotte. Since she appeared in the school yard for the first time, his heart has gone mad. He had been musing for days before finally speaking to her and asking her out. The situation is complicated for Jannik because he wants to impress Charlotte, if not with big words, then at least with a romantic evening. But there is this old man standing in front of his door and not only that, there is a fox as well.

In “Die mich jagen”, Eva Rottmann creates a situation that is getting out of control. As two generations and their realities meet, the themes are seeking one’s own paradise, fathoming freedom and losing control. Who is the hunter and who is being hunted? On which side do one’s feelings, expectations and needs stand? Which side am I on? And where, for heaven’s sake, is paradise?
(Felix Bloch Erben)

“Die mich jagen” is a carefully composed play about being and having, and at the same time it is a comedy and biting commentary on lost promises of happiness and the pressure of adapting to a society whose members, under economic pressure, are increasingly drifting apart.
(Jury of the German Young People’s Theatre Prize 2012)

2012 German Young People’s Theatre Prize for “Die mich jagen”
Technical Data
Premiere 06.05.2011, Theater Baden-Baden
Director Laura Huonker
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
Recommended age 12 +
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