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“Held Baltus” (Baltus the Hero) by Lutz Hübner and Sarah Nemitz (cooperation)

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Lutz Hübner was born in Heilbronn in 1964. He read German, philosophy and sociology in Münster from 1983 to 1984 and started to train as an actor at the University for Music and Theatre of the Saarland in Saarbrücken in 1986. From 1990 to1996, Hübner worked as an actor and director at the Rheinisches Landestheater Neuss and the Theater der Landeshauptstadt Magdeburg. Since 1996, he has been a freelance writer and director and has lived in Berlin. His plays have been translated into twelve languages and are produced around the world.
(Mülheim Theatre Festival)

“I will paint pictures for her until she is happy again.“ So says Baltus, aged 6, at the beginning of the play. By “her” he means his single mother, who has seemed a bit off-colour recently. His statement, which could also be read as a threat, describes in just a few words a whole universe of unhappiness in which the two find themselves. Baltus is drowning in his fears of loss, while his mother feels drained by their stifling togetherness and struggles to make contact with the outside world. In his plight, Baltus asks Claire, a neighbour three years older than himself, for advice. She talks Baltus into believing that his mother has caught an evil spirit who has stolen her good mood. Soon, Baltus sees nothing but spirits everywhere. He even sees his mother’s new boyfriend, who turns up unexpectedly, as an evil spirit. And that spirit has to be driven out using every possible means. In very witty and pointed dialogues, Lutz Hübner describes the difficult transition from a symbiotic parent-child relationship to a possible patchwork family. A complex, subtle and highly topical subject that demands a great deal of all concerned – too much in the end. And so it is inevitable that everyone does almost everything wrong and nothing works out. But even failure involves taking some important first steps in the learning process. Lutz Hübner was represented at the Mühlheim Theatre Festival “Stücke” in 2009 and 2011. “Held Baltus“ is his first play for children.
(Werner Mink, Mülheim Theatre Festival)

“Lutz Hübner has written a well-made play with wonderful dramatic characters. It tells the conflict-laden story of a symbiotic parent-child relationship in a comedy for children. This is a good example of contemporary emancipatory children’s theatre.“
(Jury of the German Children’s Theatre Prize 2012)

2011 Winner of the ASSITEJ Germany Prize

2012 Nomination for the Mühlheim Children’s Play Prize

2012 Nomination for the German Children’s Theatre Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 15.09.2011, GRIPS Theater
Director Jörg Schwahlen
Number of roles 2 female, 2 male, 1 decoration
Recommended age 7 +
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