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“Kanalhelden“ (Canal Heroes)
by Christian Schönfelder/theaterkohlenpott

© Marie Köhler„Kanalhelden“ © Marie Köhler

Christian Schönfelder was born in Darmstadt in 1967. After completing an internship with the Goslarsche Zeitung newspaper, he studied dramaturgy at the Academy for the Performing Arts (adk) in Ulm. He worked as a dramaturge at zwinger 3 (children’s and youth theatre of the City of Heidelberg) and at the Schnawwl and the Schauspiel of the Nationaltheater Mannheim. Since 2006, Christian Schönfelder has been dramaturge at the Junges Ensemble Stuttgart (JES).

At home at last, in the Ruhr area. A year has passed since their parents separated and that is how long Lena and her little brother Timo have been living with their father in Switzerland. Now, a year later, they see their brothers Ole and Mats again at last. The occasion is not that great, though - Granddad’s funeral. And their parents start fighting again at the funeral party, just like they used to do. There’s only one thing for it - to run away for good. Aware from home, away from Herne, away from Switzerland!
But go swimming again first and then to the funfair in Crange, a goodbye party. And swear loyalty and promise to meet again in 15 years, whatever happens. Same place, same time. But nobody has thought of little Timo, who has meanwhile run off to look for his siblings. And the disaster runs its course.

“Kanalhelden” is a play that is as volatile as adolescence: often desperate, but again and again simply beautiful, too.
(Der Westen, Jonas Erlenkämper)

2012 Included in the “Kaas & Kappes” pool of plays of the Dutch-German Prize for Young People’s Drama
Technical Data
Premiere 01.10.2011, Flottmann-Hallen Herne, A theaterkohlenpott Production
Director Frank Hörner
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
Recommended age 10 +
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