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„Koffein“ von Denis Leifeld

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Denis Leifeld read drama theory, psychology and modern German literary history. Since 2004, he has been working as a writer, dramaturge and director for theatres including the Experimentiertheater Erlangen, the ARENA … of the young arts, the Staatstheater Nuremberg and the independent American PushPush Theater. In 2005, he received a scholarship from the German National Merit Foundation. That was followed by research trips to Atlanta, New York and Tokyo. Since 2008, he has been teaching at the Institute for Theatre and Media Studies at the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. Denis Leifeld lives in Nuremberg.

People talk and speculate about them, they are observed – but nobody really knows who they are and what they do. They appear, changing the landscape by means of their mysterious intrusions and then disappear again. Trees are planted overnight, railway track laid, strange rituals performed, spotlights set up and taken down again. Who are “they”? Only one thing seems to be certain. They have an enormous attraction. So the two main characters, HE and SHE, definitely want to be part of it. HE pushes himself, puts himself under enormous pressure and is driven by his nervousness; and SHE presents herself with the aid of her BOYFRIEND in a spectacular graffiti campaign intended to cause a major sensation. But both of them are rejected. A world falls apart. Utterly devastated, SHE encounters HE. They become allies and set out on a fragile quest for alternatives. Several times, they come across an inconspicuous person who seems to be much better at getting to the bottom of what is going on. Everything changes. In scenes between hectic restlessness and speechless quietness, ‘Koffein’ presents the urge and the consequences of the feeling 'I absolutely have to belong’.
(Young People’sTheatre Prize of Baden-Württemberg)

2012 Young People’sTheatre Prize of Baden-Württemberg
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Premiere Available
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
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