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“Kreuzweise” (Crosswise) by Carsten Brandau

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Carsten Brandau was born in Hamburg in 1970. After reading history, German and philosophy at Trier, London and Heidelberg, he worked as assistant director at theatres in Heidelberg and Dortmund, and later as a freelance director. His theatre and audio plays have been nominated for and presented with a number of awards. Carsten Brandau lives with his family in Hamburg.

Carsten Brandau has written a new play for children. Kreuzweise tells the unusual story of a father and son, Paul and Roccoco. Roccoco is Paul’s father and he is a clown. He always has a joke on his lips and is in the mood for having fun, but he has a conspicuous obsession – he is always looking for his glasses.
The mystery surrounding Roccoco’s mislaid reading glasses is only resolved when Paul cannot move up into the next grade at the end of the school year because even with his glasses, Roccoco cannot read Paul’s school report! Slowly, Paul uncovers his father’s secret. While he is bitterly disappointed that his father did not confide in him, he has to admit that he was not always entirely honest with his father either.
Carsten Brandau’s Kreuzweise is an empathetic story about trust, disappointment and the courage to be honest. Thanks to the witty characters of the two protagonists, it never drifts into sentimentality. Equally suitable for the stage and the classroom!
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2012 in the pool of plays nominated for the Kaas & Kappes Dutch-German Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Drama
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