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“LiebeLiebe? Liebe!” (LoveLove? Love!) by Thomas B. Hoffmann

© Peter Empl„LiebeLiebe? Liebe!“ © Peter Empl

Thomas B. Hoffmann was born in Berlin in 1960. He has been working as an actor, speaker and writer since 1985. Together with Stefanie Liersch, Hoffmann developed three successful evenings of one-act black comedy between 1987 and 1991. In 2003, together with colleagues, he set up the “Theaterlabor Interval”. As well as his involvement in series for television, feature films and cinema films (including the crime series “Großstadtrevier”, “Doppelter Einsatz Hamburg” and “Wolffs Revier”), he has been involved in ambitious art house projects by promising young film directors. Hoffmann works at various small and large theatres in Germany, as well going on tour frequently, with guest performances in Germany and abroad.
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Who am I anyway? What’s the matter with my body? Is what I am feeling what they call love? And if it is, what should I do? Three young people are talking about puberty, crushes, sex and love. Sometimes ostentatiously cool, then unexpectedly emotional, they play out various situations relating to these subjects and ask questions to which their school and parents fail to give an answer. Musically composed, the play lends itself to a light and playful performance. It starts with a chorus and then develops a loose sequence of individual scenes, cut as in a film, as variations on a theme. It empathises with what is going on inside young people, from their biochemistry to thinking about the partner of their dreams, from being "just friends" to the famous "first time" and the inevitable teenage blues. Three actors slip into different roles, transcending the barriers of generation and gender, thereby enabling the audience to gain a multifaceted view of this complex theme. The play is an encouragement to stand by one’s feelings, even if it hurts, and an appeal for love in all its diversity. An important play for young people in our age of increasing emotional impoverishment.

This play is about variations on the theme of love. Dialogues alternate with monologues. In quick succession, the actors play the old game of "she loves me, she loves me not ". They are swept this way and that by their gut feelings and by the physical changes of puberty. It is hard to think. Sport and friends are no distraction. One set of parents comments with worldly-wise unconcern: "It will pass."

2009 Winner of the dm Authors Award for “LiebeLiebe? Liebe!”

2012 Nomination for the German Young People’s Theatre Award
Technical Data
Premiere 30.01.2010, Badische Landesbühne Bruchsal
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
Recommended age 14 +
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