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“Lottes Feiertag” (Lotte’s Holiday)
by Michael Schramm / Sabine Zieser

© Rudi Ott„Lottes Feiertag“ © Rudi Ott

Michael Schramm was born in Tirschenreuth, Upper Palatinate, in 1962. He founded the independent theatre group “Sas pe haj nas pe” in 1982, which focused on physical theatre. In 1989, he was invited to go to Paris to work on “Twelfth Night” with Jean-Paul Denizon (an actor who also worked with Peter Brook). Since 1990, he has been a member of the Theater Mummpitz ensemble in Nuremberg and a writer.

Sabine Zieser was born near Göttingen in 1960. She studied social pedagogy in Nuremberg before devoting herself to Nuremberg’s independent theatre scene. She has taken part in many workshops, has done street theatre and founded the independent theatre group “theater ACT” in Nuremberg. Sabine Zieser currently works as an actress and author at the Mumpitz children’s and youth theatre in Nuremberg.
(Mülheim Theatre Festival)

“If two kiss, the world changes.“ Joseph read this statement by Octavio Paz in one of the magazines he delivers. And that is why he gave Lotte a surprise kiss on their way home from school. Lotte did not like it at all, and a few days later, on grandfather’s birthday, she gave Joseph a box on the ear. Then she ran away and accidentally fell down an old well, and everything turned out differently to how she had planned. Lotte’s beloved grandfather is just about to start his speech at his lively party when postman Heinrich announces that “Lotte has fallen down the well.“ Everyone is shocked. Comical fire fighters Antonio, Husten and Schmitz are the first to arrive on the scene and only make matters worse, and then a television team arrives. The situation become precarious when the mains water pipe bursts. There is only one person who can save Lotte.
“Lottes Feiertag” is a poetic and funny story about getting older, and of love and of what counts in life. Reflecting on Grandfather’s life, with precise language, a love of detail, wordplay and ostensible lightness, Michael Schramm and Sabine Zieser tell the story of a rather unusual celebration that turns out quite differently to what the grandfather and his granddaughter had imagined.
(Nina Peters, Theater an der Ruhr)

“Lottes Feiertag” is what children’s theatre should be like. Imaginative, funny and without any finger-wagging.”
(Nürnberger Zeitung, 29.03.2011)

“Lottes Feiertag”, breathlessly alternating between wonderful slapstick and great poetry, between musical comedy and participatory theatre, is amazing for its impressive changes of mood and for what is essentially a simple, great story.
(Abendzeitung, 28.03.2011)

2012 Nominated for the Mülheim Children’s Play Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 26.03.2011 am Theater Mummpitz
Director Andrea Maria Erl
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
Recommended age 8 +
Rights Theater Mummpitz