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“Nase” (Nose) by Caren Pfeil

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Caren Pfeil was born in Gera in 1960 and read theatre studies in Leipzig from 1979 to 1984. She then worked as assistant director, director and dramaturge at various theatres and was a culture editor. From 1994 to 1999, she was head dramaturge at the Children’s and Youth Theatre in in Dresden. Since 1999, Caren Pfeil has been a freelance dramaturge, theatre critic, drama and media pedagogue and writer of stage and audio plays. Today, Caren Pfeil lives in Dresden.

Nase has run away from home and hides with his cuddly giraffe in an old bus in the scrapyard. There, he receives a surprise visit from a circus clown. At first, Nase bitterly turns him away, but after a few attempts, the clown manages to make him laugh. Gradually, the clown wins Nase’s trust and Nase tells him why he has run away from home. An in-depth dialogue develops about dealing with fear, abuse and death, but also about laughing and crying. Nase confronts the clown with specific questions to which he cannot give a direct reply: “Do you have another name, Clown?“ “Don’t you remember that you were a child once?“ “Is it true that when you are dead, you don’t feel anything, nothing at all?“ “Where do you go to then, when you go?“
Caren Pfeil tells the story of an odd friendship that manages to bridge the generations and brings the two characters to a common level of conversation. Now and again, the children in the audience are addressed directly and are thus actively involved in the stage action. Pfeil is not interested in asking why, but how, and deals with important themes of life with a healthy sprinkling of humour and a light touch.

2012 Nominated for the German Children’s Theatre Prize
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