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“Nina und Paul” (Nina and Paul) by Thilo Reffert

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Thilo Reffert was born in Magdeburg in 1970. He studied medicine for several semesters. Later, he founded a theatre group and studied drama and modern German literature, before going on to work as a dramaturge and drama pedagogue. The Author’s Prize of the Heidelberg Play Market and the Berlin Children’s Theatre Prize 2011 are among the awards he has won for his plays. In 2010, he received Germany’s most important audio play prize, the Radio Drama Award of the War Blind, for his audio play work. That was followed by many other audio play awards, such as the ARD’s German Children’s Radio Play Prize 2011 for "Nina und Paul" and most recently the mdr Children’s Radio Play Prize 2012 for "Commander Jannis".
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“Nina und Paul” tells the story of just one day. Nina and Paul are in year four at primary school. It is the last day of school before the summer holiday. School report day. After the summer holidays, Nina will go to grammar school, while Paul will stay at their old school. Until now, Nina and Paul have never talked about this, except in English, but only to practise dialogues. But then Paul suddenly realises that after today, everything will be different. He decides to talk to Nina after school. A great, unforgettable adventure begins, in which, among other things, fears and uncertainties have to be overcome, tractor rides survived, big sisters convinced, a calf saved and a wind turbine climbed. In the process, a genuine friendship emerges from the pair’s fleeting school acquaintance. And perhaps they are even heading for a first, fragile intimate relationship.... The story of this one eventful day is told very subjectively from Nina’s and Paul’s points of view.

“Nina und Paul”, Thilo Reffert’s first children’s book, was published in 2010. At the suggestion of the Children’s and Young People’s Theatre in Tübingen, he wrote a theatre version, which was awarded the Dutch-German Young People’s Drama Prize at the "Kaas & Kappes" festival in Duisburg in 2012. There is also an audio play version of “Nina und Paul’, which won the German Children’s Radio Play Prize 2011.
(Landestheater Tübingen)

“Thilo Reffert has created a script based on his own literary work, a basis for enactment that is outstanding in its content and language. A story of teenagers in love, movingly and sensitively presented, which is also true of their characters. An excellent theatre play for a small cast for children from the age of ten.“
(Jury of Kaas & Kappes)

2012 Dutch-German Prize for Children’s and Young People’s Drama “Kaas & Kappes"
Technical Data
Premiere 20.03.2012, Landestheater Tübingen
Director Tanja Weidner
Number of roles 1 female, 1 male
Recommended age 10 +
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