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“PIDKID.DE” (AT) ( by Nina Ender

© Nina Ender„PIDKID.DE“ (AT) © Nina Ender

Nina Ender was born in Erlangen in 1980 and grew up in Ulm. She completed foundation studies in journalism, communication science and German in Hamburg, specialising in theatre, before studying scenic writing at Berlin University of the Arts from 2004 to 2008. Nina Ender won the 5th Play Competition of the Berlin Schaubühne for her play "Die Wissenden" (Those Who Know) and was also selected for a six-month mentors’ scholarship of the CONTEMPORARY ARTS ALLIANCE BERLIN in the field of contemporary theatre. "Die Wissenden" was staged at the Festival of International New Drama in 2008 (F.I.N.D.8) at the Schaubühne, where it was also premiered in February 2009 (director: Jan-Christoph Gockel). Nina Ender lives in Berlin.
(henschel SCHAUSPIEL)

In 2012, Nina Ender won the Young People’s Theatre Prize of Baden Württemberg for her project outline for (AT), which is being produced in cooperation with the Theater Ulm in 2013.
The project is devoted to the debate on the limited authorisation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD). The decision taken by the Bundestag in July 2011 allows the DNA of an embryonic cell to be analysed with the aim of avoiding serious hereditary diseases, premature births and miscarriages. Ender takes up this debate in her play, asking questions about ethical responsibility and the specific consequences for the child.
What do the possibilities of modern reproductive medicine mean for the children it helps to produce? Do the children have the traits their parents wanted? Does fulfilling subjective expectations increase the pressure to perform? Under these circumstances, is it possible to accept weakness? tells the story of two brothers, Mark and Moritz. Moritz survived thanks to a bone marrow donation from his brother. This is the context in which Ender triggers a fast-paced emotional rollercoaster in the brothers.
The brothers’ shared right to exist is called into question and their initial trusting relationship turns to disaccord. Moritz feels he is under a life-long obligation to be grateful to his brother and under steely pressure to perform and be the perfect child, Mark, on the other hand, initially exploits his superior status. Moritz then goes on to look for others in a similar position on the Internet, at

Nina Ender takes a critical look at the various consequences of the limited authorisation of preimplantation genetic diagnosis and lets children have their say.

Miscarriages, or children with severe disabilities – the answer is preimplantation diagnosis. Nina Ender takes a child’s point of view in her play "". (…) The play is set in 2026, when the first children who developed from embryos that were subjected to PGD will be 14 years old. That is to say, at an age when teenagers start trying to find out who they are. "For me, it is important not to write over the youngsters’ heads,” comments Nina Ender.
(5 July 2012, Südwest Presse)

Young People’s Theatre Prize of Baden Württemberg 2012
Technical Data
Premiere 2013, Theater Ulm
Number of roles Cast of characters variable
(at least 1 female, 2 male)
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