New plays for children’s and youth theatre

“Raus aus dem Haus” (Out of the House)
by Ingeborg von Zadow


Ingeborg von Zadow was born in Berlin in 1970. She began to write for her school theatre. Later, she studied applied drama in Gießen and then completed a Master of Arts degree at der State University of New York Binghamton, USA. She participated in the Wolfenbüttel dramatist’s workshop for children’s and youth theatre. When she was just 22, her plays were immediate hits. Her plays for children, “Ich und Du” (You and Me), “Pompinien“ (Pompinia) and later “Besuch bei Katt und Fredda” (Visiting Katt and Fredda) struck a new tone, finding their expression in musicality, rhythm and dialogue melody. All three plays have often been staged and have been translated into several languages. “The texts ‘resound’ even when you just read them” (Theater der Zeit, Stück-Werk 2). Meanwhile, her oeuvre has grown, and now includes a play for the evening programme, which focuses on two “Alte Schachteln” (Old Biddies). Today, Ingeborg von Zadow lives in Heidelberg.
(Verlag der Autoren)

In a simple story for the very youngest viewers (from the age of 2), Ingeborg von Zadow describes a child’s first curious steps into the world - meeting a big cow and a little mouse, climbing a mountain and the discovery that that there is still much, much more to be discovered. And then it is already evening and it is time to go back into the house. In her new play, Ingeborg von Zadow succeeds in telling a little story, yet one that is at the same time a very big story. It covers the span of a whole day, telling a story of going out and coming home – in brief, the story of life.
(Verlag der Autoren)

The texts are flowing, rhythmic, almost like music itself. They are playful, rhyme, and sometimes empty of meaning. It sounds good.

2012 Nomination of “Raus aus dem Haus” for the German Children’s Theatre Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 14.04.2012, Comedia Theater, Köln
Director Barbara Fuchs
Number of roles 2 female/male
Recommended age 2 +
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