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“Um die Ecke” (Around the Corner)
by Bernhard Studlar

© Christa Bauer„Um die Ecke“ © Christa Bauer

Bernhard Studlar was born in Vienna in 1972. From 1991 to 1996, he studied drama theory, philosophy, German and journalism at the University of Vienna. From 1995 to 1998 he worked as a dramaturge and assistant director at the Theater der Jugend in Vienna. After that, from 1998 to 2002, he studied scenic writing at Berlin University of the Arts. Bernhard Studlar writes plays on his own and in cooperation with Andreas Sauter. In 2001, he won the Author’s Prize of the Heidelberg Play Market for his play “Transdanubia-Dreaming”, which was premiered at the Burgtheater in Vienna in January 2003. The first play he wrote jointly with Andreas Sauter “A. ist eine andere” (A. is Someone Else) was awarded the Kleist Prize for Young Dramatists in 2000. A number of other renowned awards followed for both his stage and audio plays. Bernhard Studlar lives in Berlin and Vienna as a freelance writer.

As the title suggests, everything in the script of this play for tiny tots (from the age of three) goes around the corner. The two characters are sometimes daring and sometimes timid, but together they are strong and embark on a fantastic voyage of discovery. After each corner they discover, a new story opens up. Unfamiliar animals are fed, muddy puddles waded through and a moon landing performed. This journey calls for courage and corner-turning co-adventures.
(henschel SCHAUSPIEL)

“Um die Ecke” is a voyage of discovery for young viewers, because unfamiliar things are to be found in places that are not yet visible. Looking around the corner also means daring to go around the corner. Bernhard Studlar came upon the idea of writing a play for his young daughter when he was an “author on paternal leave”. He wanted it to be how children play and imitate sounds. The result is a story of hide-and-seek, which playfully opens up a whole universe.

2012 Nominated for the German Children’s Theatre Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 12.12.2011 im Dschungel Wien
Director Michael Alexander Pöllmann
Number of roles 2 female/male
Recommended age 3 +
Rights henschel SCHAUSPIEL
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