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“Zur Zeit nicht erreichbar” (Currently Unavailable)
by Petra Wüllenweber

© bilderwerk/Uwe Bellhäuser„Zur Zeit nicht erreichbar“ © bilderwerk/Uwe Bellhäuser

Petra Wüllenweber was born Saarbrücken in 1971. Before embarking on a directing course at Ulm Theatre Academy in 1992, she read German at Saarland University for two semesters. In 1999, she was appointed to teach role study at the Theaterakademie Zürich. Following engagements as an assistant director and director in Ulm, Krefeld and Mönchengladbach, she has worked as a freelance director and writer for theatres in cities including Cologne, Regensburg, Bremen and Hildesheim since 2000. Her production of “Penthesilea” at the Theater Regensburg was invited to attend the Bavarian Theatre Festival in Ingolstadt in 2008. Saarbrücken’s theater überzwerg’s production of “Am Horizont“ (On the Horizon) was nominated for the Mühlheim Children’s Play Prize in 2010. Petra Wüllenweber now lives in Cologne.

Mum has a car accident and is taken to hospital. To make sure the everyday life of her children Nico and Venja continues as smoothly as possible, Grandma Gertrud moves in, because father Matthias has obligations at work. Then something inconceivable happens. The mother, Sunny, dies of complications that were evidently only caused at the hospital. The interim solution with Grandma and an often-absent father is put to a hard test, and it is hardest of all for ten-year-old Nico, who in the end puts himself in great danger. In striking short scenes, Petra Wüllenweber’s play, centring on the changed everyday life, shows the different ways in which the individual family members come to terms with the mother’s sudden death. The author’s debut performance of the production fathoms the background of this family story, focusing particularly on Nico’s feelings.
(Thomas Irmer)

Wüllenweber, who also directs the play, tells with powerful poignancy and without glossing over anything the story of a family in disarray due to crises that have never been properly addressed.
(Saarbrücker Zeitung, Ruth Rousselange)

2012 Nominated for the German Children’s Theatre Prize for “Zur Zeit nicht erreichbar”

2012 Nominated for the Mülheim Children’s Play Prize for “Zur Zeit nicht erreichbar”
Technical Data
Premiere 16.09.2011, theater überzwerg, Saarbrücken
Director Petra Wüllenberger
Number of roles 3 female, 2 male
Recommended age 10 +
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