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“Nur ein Ei” (Only an Egg) by Martin Baltscheit

© N. Klinger“Only an Egg” © N. Klinger

Martin Baltscheit was born in Düsseldorf on 16. September 1965. He studied IT Design in Essen. From 1986-1992 he was a member of the theatre “Junges Ensemble Düsseldorf”. He began by drawing comic strips, but then focused on writing and illustrating picture books. He has also written a number of radio plays and worked on animated cartoons.

The wild boar and the fox are sitting by the river. They are bored, they are waiting for something. The wild boar is probably waiting for food. But the fox is waiting for love! He is longing for a foxy wife, he wants a family, especially a son! A son would mean everything to him, he would be the apple of his eye! His own flesh and blood – but not necessarily, for just at this moment the wild boar and the fox find a basket floating on the water and inside it is a wonderful, perfect, gleaming white egg. It must be a sign! A little Moses for the fox! And, immediately, the fox starts to care for the egg, he keeps it safe and warm and imagines how glorious life will be when his son is finally hatched. The wild boar has a rather more realistic view, and in a series of hilarious scenes he warns the fox of the trials and tribulations of fatherhood. The imaginary sons he conjures up have nothing in common with the romantic vision of the fox, who is about to decide against having a family after all. Then something terrible happens: a jay destroys the egg, the beautiful, round egg, so full of promise – and made of … chocolate. It was a trick! The fox was cruelly deceived, his lovely illusion is shattered in numerous sweet pieces – he is devastated. But the wild boar has already set off to find the villain behind this fraud, and in the end the two friends will certainly have the best surprise of their lives.
(Verlag für Kindertheater)

“What does it involve – expecting a child? What happens if a child doesn’t live up to the father’s expectations? And what may and can children expect from their parents? These are questions that not only foxes and wild boars ask.”
(Junges Staatstheater Kassel)

2013 In the pool of plays nominated for the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama
Technical Data
Premiere 17.03.2013 at the Junges Staatstheater Kassel
Director Dieter Klinge
Number of roles 1 female or puppet, 2 males
Recommended age 8 +
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