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“Dreier steht Kopf” (Trio goes Topsy-Turvy) by Carsten Brandau

© Jenny Forster“Trio goes Topsy-Turvy” © Jenny Forster

Carsten Brandau was born in Hamburg in 1970. After reading History, German and Philosophy in Trier, London and Heidelberg, he worked as assistant director at theatres in Heidelberg and Dortmund, and later as a free-lance director. His theatre plays and audio plays have been nominated for and presented with a number of awards. Carsten Brandau lives with his family in Hamburg.

The world is in good order: uno is of course always first and duo naturally always second. But when trio bursts in upon the scene, the world threatens to topple over. For trio just won’t accept always being third and never allowed to play with the others. So he defies the order of the numbers… he defies the order of the world and confronts uno and duo with a question that, with all their love of order, they had completely lost sight of: ”You’re always just saying you’re first and second – but first and second of WHAT are you then? Who actually are you?” Based on the real-life experiences of pre-school children, TRIO GOES TOPSY-TURVY is about the order (of the world) that can – and MUST – be turned topsy-turvy, over and again, with courage, language and playful imagination.
(Drei Masken Verlag)

“This is the starting point of the new text by Carsten Brandau. His linguistic ingenuity with fixed places, important but tiring habits and unchanging sequences is playful and witty. Repetitions and wordplay make the text a joy to read as well as to act. The young audience will be delighted by the setting up of first one, two, but … help – that makes everything even more complicated – there comes a third… Carsten Brandau has succeeded in creating a complicated but charming text for a very young audience that sounds mathematical and, at the same time, focuses on important issues: Who am I? Who are you? How do we go together? This is all written in such a relaxed and hilarious way that everyone is captivated and simply goes with the flow.”
(Statement by the Jury, Dutch-German Kaas und Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama)

2013 Awarded the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama
2012 Awarded a production grant of the German Children’s Theatre Prize; Reading (excerpt) in the Frankfurter Autorenforum Kinder-Jugendtheater Zentrum
Technical Data
Premiere 13.06.2014 at the Theaterhaus Frankfurt am Main
Number of roles 3 males/females
Recommended age 4 +
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