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“Nach Toronto! oder meine Mutter heiratet deinen Vater” (To Toronto! Or My Mother Is Marrying Your Father) by Heike Falkenberg

© Frank Schletter“To Toronto! Or My Mother Is Marrying Your Father” © Frank Schletter

Heike Falkenberg works as an actress, author and director and lives in Hamburg and Berlin. She has appeared on stage at the Schaubühne Berlin, the Schauspiel in Cologne, the Thalia Theater Hamburg and the Schauspielhaus Hamburg and has also acted in cinema and TV films. Since 2004, she has been working as a director, i.a. at the Thalia Theater Halle. She has been writing plays for children’s and young people’s theatre since 2007 and was engaged in a dramatisation of “The Wizard of Oz” at the Thalia Theater Halle.
(Mühlheim Children’s Plays)

Kevin’s father and Sophie’s mother have long been separated from their original partners. Now they want to get married. But the children are dead set against a blended family, they don’t want to be brother and sister, and they run away from the wedding festivities. Sophie wants to go to her granny in Toronto, who has already sent her the money for her ticket, or so she says. Kevin is considering going to sea as a stowaway, but he also claims to be carrying a bomb with him. When the two kids find themselves in the same bus, they start quarrelling. For Sophie despises the “yob” Kevin and his father, who as a car mechanic always has dirty fingernails, and Kevin thinks that Sophie, the anorexic brain-box, is a silly cow. But then they start a game, get talking, decide to join forces against their parents and even discover they have some things in common.
A play about what it means for children when their parents separate and they are then expected to be part of a blended family - with an optimistic perspective showing that the frustration arising from this situation can also lead to something new and unexpected. Winner of the 2. Authors’ Competition of the Theatre of the Young World, Leipzig.
(Theaterverlag München)

“Heike Falkenberg has consistently observed the topic of the blended family – a theme that deals with the reality of life as experienced by many children nowadays – from the viewpoint of her young protagonists. It’s fun to listen in to the snappy squabbling of Kevin and Sophie, who in the beginning are like chalk and cheese but then in the end plan a joint campaign against Kevin’s mother’s new lover. Sophie explains this change of course with disarming equanimity: “Because we’re now a family.” In the opinion of the Jury, Heike Falkenberg has succeeded in doing something that is really difficult: telling a serious story with a lightness of touch, without lapsing into banality. The result is a little comedy for young viewers, set in a bus, which is worth being discovered by the theatres.”
(Statement by the Jury, 2. Authors’ Competition of the Theatre of the Young World, Leipzig)

2013 Nominated for the Mülheim Children’s Play Prize
2012 Winner of the 2. Authors’ Competition of the Theatre of the Young World, Leipzig, in cooperation with the Landestheater Detmold
Technical Data
Premiere 01.06.2012 Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig
Director Jürgen Zielinski
Number of roles 1 female, 1 male
Recommended age 10 +
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