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“Füchse lügen nicht” (Foxes Don’t Lie) by Ulrich Hub

„Animal Lounge oder Füchse haben kurze Beine“ © Klaus Gigga“Animal Lounge or Foxes Do Lie” © Klaus Gigga

Ulrich Hub was born in Tübingen in 1963. He trained as an actor at the University of Hamburg. As a young actor he started writing theatre plays and screenplays. Ulrich Hub is one of the few authors to achieve renown for his work in both children’s and adult theatre. He lives in Berlin.
(Verlag der Autoren)

Chaos at the airport: nothing is moving and nobody knows why. A panda bear, a goose, a monkey, a dog, a tiger and two cloned sheep are sitting on their cases in the lounge and they all want just one thing: to get away, and all in different directions. Back into the comfort zones of national zoos, research laboratories, film studios. Not one of them is made for the vicissitudes of untamed nature. How good that suddenly the fox turns up! An adventurer and gifted entertainer, who has travelled the world and immediately captures the hearts of the animals. Each one of them hears what he/she wants to hear: deception and self-deception are close companions. Yet even the best party has to come to an end, and when the animals find that their passports and vaccination cards have disappeared, their mood plummets: they all agree that they always thought the fox was a dodgy fellow. But who is actually pretending to whom here?

“A farce about the power of hypocrisy. And a story about how friendship can grow if you occasionally allow yourself and the others to glimpse your own weaknesses.”
(Theater junge Generation Dresden)

2013 In the pool of plays nominated for the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama
Technical Data
Premiere 12.05.2012 Theater junge Generation Dresden
under the title “Animal Lounge or Foxes do Lie“
Director Ulrich Hub
Number of roles 4 females, 4 males
Recommended age 8+
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