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“Tschick” by Robert Koall, based on the novel by Wolfgang Herrndorf

© Matthias Horn“Tschick” © Matthias Horn

Robert Koall was born in Cologne in 1972. From 1995 to 1998 he was the assistant of Christoph Schlingensief. He then transferred to the dramaturgy of the Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg (Director Frank Baumbauer). From 2000 to 2004 he was a dramaturg at the Schauspielhaus Zürich with Christoph Marthaler, then at the Schauspiel Hanover as a member of Wilfried Schulz’s team. Since the season 2009/2010 he has been head dramaturg at the Staatsschauspiel Dresden.
(Staatsschauspiel Dresden)

It is the first day of the summer holidays. The mother of 14-year-old Maik is at her annual rehab, his father on a business trip with his young mistress. The rest of the class has been invited to the prom queen’s birthday party. And Maik is alone with his villa, swimming pool and 200 Euros pocket money. Then Tschick appears at Maik’s house, driving a stolen Lada. Tschick is a new boy in Maik’s class, a yob from the high-rise estate, often drunk, maybe a member of the Russian mob. Nevertheless, Maik gets in the Lada. At first they plan to drive to Wallachia to visit Tschick’s family, but soon they just drive around aimlessly, windows open, as soundtrack the only available tape, Richard Clayderman’s Solid Gold Collection.
Tschick is the story of a summer road trip through a familiar but strange Germany. Through places in the middle of nowhere, bizarre cratered landscapes and misplaced mountain ranges, inhabited by weird but often disarmingly friendly people. A trip permeated by feelings of freedom and adventure and, at the same time, full of melancholy because it cannot go on forever.
(Rowohlt Theaterverlag)

“You find yourself laughing a lot when reading Tschick, but just as often you are moved, sometimes even to tears. Tschick is a book that makes an adult feel really happy, and one which you can also give to someone the same age as its heroes.”
(Süddeutsche Zeitung)

2012 Hans Fallada Prize
2011 Clemens Brentano Award of the city of Heidelberg
2011 German Youth Literature Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 19.11.2011 Staatsschauspiel Dresden
Director Jan Gehler
Number of roles At least 1 female, 2 males
Recommended age 14+
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