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“Wunder des Alltags” (Everyday Miracles) by PeterLicht

© Sebastian Hoppe„Everyday Miracles“ © Sebastian Hoppe

And then came PeterLicht - and with his soft voice he zoomed like a powerhouse into the brain not only of literature, but right into that of the entire 21st century. The musician, songwriter and poet is impressive in the most diverse genres. For the Maxim Gorki Theater he wrote a brilliant adaptation of Molière’s comedy “The Miser”. In 2012 followed further productions of this work by Bastian Kraft and Pedro Martins Beja. With the much-performed text “Die Geschichte meiner Einschätzung am Anfang des dritten Jahrtausends“ (“The Story of my Assessment at the Beginning of the Third Millennium”), Licht has been featured in German city theatres for over five repertory seasons.
(Schaefers Philippen)

There’s internet, there’s maths, there are ice-lollies you can buy at the kiosk. This much is clear. Logically, there is love, and all these things somehow have a connection with each other. But PeterLicht is not satisfied with “somehow”, and certainly not with answers like “That’s just the way it is.” Commissioned by the Junges Schauspielhaus, he gets to the bottom of things and their names, for example to the bottom of the sea. On his voyage of discovery, he enters unchartered waters, explaining the world in terms that defy the supremacy of adult logic, and everyday events and objects become miracles – a fantastic collage using all the means of the theatre and of music.

“A text that invites viewers, whether young or old, to plunge into their own contortion of the world. In case of doubt, everything has to do with each other. The world is connected. There is no separation. Given the world the way it is, maybe we’re better off being cheerful about it. We assume that children have a right to a world that is intact.”
(Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus)

2013 Nominated for the Mülheim Children’s Play Prize
Technical Data
Premiere 20.09.2012 Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus
Director Peter Kastenmüller
Number of roles 3 females, 3 males
Recommended age 6+
Rights schaefersphilippen
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