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“4YEO – FOR YOURS EYES ONLY” by Esther Rölz

© Esther RölzPhoto of the author of “4YEO – FOR YOURS EYES ONLY” © Esther Rölz

Esther Rölz, born in Munich in 1973, played several leading roles in TV productions as a child. After leaving school, she trained as a film editor and then went on to study Drama at the Mozarteum in Salzburg. After graduating, she was engaged as an actress at the Nationaltheater Weimar and the Städtische Bühnen Wuppertal. Since 2005, Esther Rölz has been working as a freelance actress and author. For her first theatre play “Federspiel” she was awarded the Author’s Prize of the Theatres of Saxony, her second play “Rattenklatschen” was awarded the dm-Author’s Prize 2008.
(Theater Stück Verlag)

A play about trust, revenge and the effects of cyber-bullying. Three children, all digital natives, having grown up surrounded by technology. Anouk, a 15-year-old girl and her classmates of the same age, Sven and Kian. They all seem to have a fixed social status. Anouk is the nice girl next door who everybody fancies, Sven is the lonely nerd who spends all his time playing shoot’em-up games, and Kian is the cool guy who is determined to make life a misery for people like Sven. Then suddenly computer world and “real life” mingle in a most disturbing way. Yet the anonymity of the web means that the threat cannot be identified and it becomes increasingly and seriously menacing for the children. (…) How much power does a person who nobody listens to in real life have on the internet? And what do we believe more: our own experiences or the worldwide web? The experiences and wishes of the young people and the resulting conflicts with themselves and with their environment are presented in all their complexity. And here it is not the medium itself that is the focal point but the people and the question – can there still be a private sphere à la “For your eyes only” (4YEO) when messages, whether true or not, are disseminated in a matter of seconds?
(Theater Stück Verlag)

“With impressive expertise and evident sympathy for her protagonists, the author addresses a major problem of today’s youth, cyber-bullying. It never is easy to be young. You are unsure of yourself: who am I? How do other people see me? Nowadays, this uncertainty is potentiated in a complicated and nasty way when dealing with the so-called social network in virtual space. Here everything seems possible, but, as the text tells us: “In there- (on the web) – there is no truth!”
(Statement by the Jury, Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama)

2013 Awarded the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama
Technical Data
Premiere 12.04.15, Westfälisches Landestheater Castrop-Rauxel
Number of roles 1 female, 2 males
Recommended age No age recommendation
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