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“Die Meerjungfrau in der Badewanne” (The Mermaid in the Bathtub) based on the story by Koos Meinderts, adapted by Tim Sandweg

© Jesko Döring“The Mermaid in the Bathtub” © Jesko Döring

Tim Sandweg read Theatre Studies and German Literature at the Free University Berlin. He has been working as a dramaturg at the Puppet Theatre in Magdeburg since the 2009/2010 season. He is also on the editing staff of “double”, the magazine for puppets, figures and object theatre, and since 2011 he has been a member of the Jury appointed by the Berlin Senate to promote theatre and dance groups operating under private law in Berlin. Currently, he has a teaching post for the course in Puppet Theatre at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Stuttgart.
(Theaterverlag Hofmann-Paul)

Philipp is a storyteller like his father. And as an adult, his favourite story is still the one he loved as a child, the story of his mother: “My mother is a mermaid. One day my father found her on the beach, a woman with a fishtail.” They fell in love, had a child and were happy. But one day her longing for the sea overwhelmed her. “She took her fishtail that she had kept all the time in the linen cupboard and left the house. She went down to the sea and flung herself into the waves.” What begins like one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales is the story the father tells his son so that he can understand the loss of his mother. The grown-up storyteller Philipp takes his audience with him on a journey into his childhood in which little Philipp explains his world and has it explained by his father through stories. Yet he doesn’t lose himself in them, he discovers and understands that many people in the town live with their stories because the reality is simply too hard to bear.

Based on the children’s book by the Dutch author Koos Meinderts, Tim Sandweg has written an imaginative and vivid narrative play for one actor that opens up many scenic possibilities. A humorous play about the beauty, wit and importance of stories that may not always be true but help to understand and inspire the imagination.
(Theaterverlag Hofmann-Paul)

2013 In the pool of plays nominated for the Dutch-German Kaas & Kappes Prize for Young People’s Drama
Technical Data
Premiere 11.02.2012 Puppet Theatre Magdeburg
Director Frank Bernhardt
Number of roles 1 male
Recommended age 6+
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