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Hello – Goodbye by Corinna Sigmund

Hello Goodbye © Harald MorschHello Goodbye © Harald Morsch

Corinna Sigmund was born in Dachau in 1982. She studied comparative literature, philosophy and theatre studies at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and at the Université de la Sorbonne in Paris.
Since 2008, she has been a member of the trinational postgraduate group on “Europe’s founding myths in art, literature and music“ at the Friedrich Wilhelm University of Bonn. Corinna Sigmund has taken part in university literature courses, poetry groups and writers’ workshops. Since 2009, she has been cooperating on the “Junge Bühne” project at Theater Marabu in Bonn. In June 2009, she was a scholarship holder at the 13th Klagenfurt Literature Course. Corinna Sigmund lives in Bonn.

Corinna Sigmund’s first work Hello – Goodbye is a number of different plays at the same time. It is a play about love, the tragedy of family, the madness of one’s own mind and the eternal longing for I-don’t-know-what. At the heart of the play, however, is the search for authentic feelings in the greatest metropolis of them all, the Internet.
The author Corinna Sigmund designs a scenario of withdrawal from "the world out there" using different voices. Of these, two voices – those of 'Jin' and 'Kirik' – are particularly striking.
The text is subdivided into five sequences. The structure is based on the idea of isolation to the extent that while there is a dramaturgical thread running through the play, there is no climax. The individual parts of the text are modules that can be shifted around and recombined. The director can choose to stage the play with just two actors, making all the voices lead back to the identities of Jin and Kirik or to create an echo chamber in which even Jin and Kirik are on the verge of falling part.

In Hello – Goodbye, Corinna Sigmund deals with the phenomenon of acute withdrawal from society, known as hikikomori, a lifestyle disease that is becoming more and more common, not only in Japan. Young people of all nationalities feel socially uprooted, withdraw into within their own four walls and limit their contacts exclusively to the virtual world of the Internet.
(Jury’s statement, Youth Theatre Prize Baden-Württemberg 2010)

Sponsorship award, Youth Theatre Prize Baden-Württemberg 2010
Technical data
Premiere 9 November 2010, Westfälische Kammerspiele Paderborn
Director Julia Heinrichs
Number of roles 1 female, 1 male
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