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Ohne Moos nix los (No Money, No Fun) by Jörg Isermeyer

“Ohne Moos nix los” ©

Jörg Isermeyer was born in Bad Segeberg in 1968. Before studying psychology, sociology and education, he busked his way through Europe. After graduating, he taught improvisation and street theatre at the Georg August University of Göttingen. Today, Jörg Isermeyer is a freelance artist who lives in Berlin. He works as a writer, drama teacher, director, actor, musician and composer. Among other things, he runs prison theatre groups and holds street theatre workshops in Germany and abroad.

The growing gap between rich and poor children in Germany was the subject of the writers’ competition for the Berlin Children’s Theatre Prize in 2009, for which Jörg Isermeyer wrote the play Ohne Moos nix los. The Wolff family’s everyday life is ill-fated. The absent father pays no maintenance, the authorities refuse to provide any allowances and the single mother slaves away working overtime as a checkout operator. She is only rarely at home. No wonder eleven-year-old Jule does not feel at ease and escapes into a world of her own. What she likes best is being out in the street and making up stories about passers-by whom she secretly follows right across town, even when she should be at school. But for this girl, school is no paradise either. Fortunately, her big brother Tim is very good at forging letters to explain her absence, even though he is not much good at anything else. Lukas is very different. He lives a very orderly life. He does not know what it means to be short of money and he has no trouble at school. But sometimes his mother gets on his nerves. Boredom leads him to beam himself into a Star Wars universe. When he meets Jule on one of her pursuits, he hesitantly lets himself in for her “street movie” and goes through the town with her. Together, they track down a group of bicycle thieves. The pair see themselves as real detective story heroes when Tim appears at the scene of the crime - with a stolen bike. And suddenly, the game is over and a lot is going on in the Wolff household, even though they have no money ...
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Jörg Isermeyer subtly presents a whole range of consequences of child poverty and precarious living situations. And he shows that as well as a lack of material things, it is above all affection and care that are lacking. With a sure touch for situational comedy, he succeeds impressively in condensing the issue’s complexity to tell an exciting story. And he does so without trying to offer oversimplified solutions.
(Werner Mink, KinderStücke-Preis 2011)

Berlin Children’s Theatre Prize 2009

Nominated for the KinderStückePreis 2011
Technical data
Premiere 27 October 2010, GRIPS Theater Berlin
Director Yüksel Yolcu
Number of roles 2 female, 3 male
Recommended for age 9 +
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