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Über Lang oder Kurz (Sooner or Later) by Ingeborg von Zadow

„Über Lang oder Kurz“ © tjg Dresden

Ingeborg von Zadow was born in Berlin in 1970 and is a freelance writer who lives and works in Heidelberg. She studied applied drama in Giessen and completed a Master of Arts degree at the State University of New York. She participated in the Wolfenbüttel dramatists’ workshop for children’s and youth theatre. When she was just 22, her children’s plays Ich und du (I and You), Pompinien and Besuch bei Katt und Fredda (Visiting Katt and Freda) were immediate hits. Her plays strike a new note, finding their expression in musicality, rhythm and dialogue melody.

Martin, Beanpole and Doris think they are too short, too tall or too fat. They run away from the others’ taunts to Weck, a mysterious place where all their wishes come true. A friendship slowly develops between the three characters, through which they learn to accept each other and themselves. With support from good friends you can achieve anything – you can even go back 'there' and assert yourself against the others. Yet suddenly a strange voice is to be heard that is trying to prevent precisely that.
Ingeborg von Zadow’s play Über Lang oder Kurz is a play dealing with the subjects of friendship and acceptance with respect and humour. The text was written in the context of the Nah dran! Project of the Children’s and Youth People’s Theatre Centre in the Federal Republic of Germany (KJTZ), funded by the German Literature Fund.
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Ingeborg von Zadow uses musical language and light-footed plays on words to tell the story of three people who, on their first meeting, have only biting mockery for one another but who eventually become friends. Doris, Martin and Beanpole overcome their own shame and learn to accept themselves and one another. And in so doing, they are so self-confident that it seems possible to go back "there". But then "the voice" gets involved, a secretive organ that keeps interfering. And it wants to prevent that return.
Über Lang oder Kurz strikes a wonderful tone. Its narrative is to the point, and it develops humour and a playful lightness from this abstract, existential situation.
(Nina Peters, KinderStücke 2011)

Nominated for the KinderStückePreis 2011
Technical data
Premiere 11 December 2010, Theater Junge Generation Dresden
Director Gerald Gluth
Number of roles 1 female, 2 male
Recommended for age 6 +
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