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Thomas Arzt was born at Schlierbach, Upper Austria in 1983. He was a guest student at the University of Television and Film Munich, and studied drama, film, media studies, German language and literature, philosophy and psychology at the University of Vienna. His first play, Grillenparz (Chirping Hill), was written in 2008 as part of the play/for/play authors project at the Schauspielhaus Vienna. This piece earned him the Hans Gratzer Fellowship funded by the Austrian rights agency Literar Mechana. It was premiered in April 2011 at the Schauspielhaus Vienna, where Thomas Arzt worked as writer-in-residence during the 2010/2011 season. Among other awards, he has received the City of Vienna Dramatists’ Fellowship and the Thomas Bernhard Scholarship at the Landestheater Linz. His play Alpenvorland (Alpine Blues) won the Authors’ Award at the 2012 Heidelberg Play Market.

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    Alpenvorland (Alpine Blues)

    A group of friends meet up for a barbecue in the area where they grew up. They have been invited there by Hannes and Heidi because there is something to celebrate.More ...

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    • Johnny Breitwieser (i.e. "Johnny Breitwieser")
      Premiere: 2014, Schauspielhaus Wien
    • Alpenvorland (Alpine Blues)
      Premiere: 2013, Landestheater Linz
    • In den Westen (i.e. "Into the West")
      Premiere: 2013, Nationaltheater Mannheim
    • Grillenparz (i.e. "Grillenparz")
      Premiere: 2011, Schauspielhaus Wien