Katja Brunner

Von den beinen zu kurz (Too Short in the Legs)

A family: father, mother, child. Nameless. Middle class. Everything could be so good, but the father is captivated by the daughter from the day of her birth. As far as the girl is concerned, the father's 'unbounded' love is part of her reality, his desire something quite normal. The discarded mother castigates the daughter for stealing her husband. Possible stations in this tragedy – the birth, the first attack, a petting zoo, a child's birthday, a visit to the doctor, a suicide – are described and commented on by outsiders.
In this way, the play (re)constructs contradictory images of the emotions felt by those involved, the gestures of power and powerlessness they make. In spite of the therapeutic talk that later rains down upon her, the girl defends her fateful relationship with her father.'
(Schauspiel Hannover)

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Technical Data:

Premiere 31 March 2012, Theater Winkelwiese Director: Antje Thoms
German premiere: 5 January 2013, Schauspiel Hanover
Director Heike Marianne Götze
Cast Variable
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