Ich habe Bryan Adams geschreddert (i.e. I’ve Shredded Bryan Adams)

No one can escape Frank's invitation to the annual summer party. Frank is the boss and today also the host of a team that has just survived an evaluation. Gaiety and high spirits are the order of the day for this evening round the new grill with the emergency generator. But that Frank has also invited Christopher, the recently fired ex-colleague, has caused resentment and head shaking. Will Christopher come? While Frank's wife, Simone, mixes cocktails, and his son gossips about the arriving guests, not sparing his parents, the increasing influence of alcohol generates a group dynamics appropriate only to an office party.

Oliver Bukowski has succeeded in creating a brilliant comedy about the middle-class that depicts the fears and hardships of a still functioning consumer society. The unity of time and place allows the viewer to follow the self-optimization of all concerned into the late-night depression with precision and in detail.
(Kiepenheuer Theater und Medien)

Comments on the play:

A nice running gag threads through Ich habe Bryan Adams geschreddert, the new play by Oliver Bukowski. Reliable, done smartly and only at second glance more a clever dramaturgical gimmick than a joke. […] The theme, setting and characters: everything seems suited to effortless docking, and the destination of the journey in the old, eroding work-world easily predictable. The many small embarrassments bristling between professional survival strategies and relaxation with the Five Tibetan Rites. The penetration of language by management phraseology? Unmask the middle-class once again before its carries itself to the grave?

If we think about it seriously, this cannot be what Bukowski, one of the greats in the business, can really mean. Everything said, everything discursively larded together, everything deconstructed. This is the trick, and at the same time the great thing about the evening: we can see the play as a safely constructed farce about the downfall of the old order – terraced-house bourgeoisie celebrating their social extinction; or as a bitterly angry stock-taking full of feints and self-reflexive moments.
(Stephanie Drees in Nachtkritik, 22.02.2014)

Technical Data

Premiere 22.02.2014, Deutsches Theater Göttingen
Director Michael Kessler
Cast 3 women, 4 men
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