del Corte, Justine

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Justine del Corte was born in 1966 in Mexico, and works as an actress, playwright and scriptwriter. She studied acting in Berlin and New York, and has been writing for the stage since 2004.



    In Sex, Justine del Corte depicts a panorama of sexuality. It touches on old and young couples. Intimacy and rejection. Pleasure and loathing. Origins and naturalness. Over it all lie metaphors of water. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • „Sex“
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus am Pfauen, Zurich (Schiffbau Halle 2), 2008
    • „Die Ratte“(The Rat)
      Premiere: Schauspielhaus Zurich, 2008
    • „Der Alptraum vom Glück“ (The Nightmare of Happiness)
      Premiere: Ruhr Festival Recklinghausen in cooperation with the Schauspielhaus Bochum
    • „Canto Minor“(together with Roland Schimmelpfennig)
      Premiere: Chilean National Theatre as a guest performance at the Mülheim Theatertreffen 2004