Mein Bruder Tom (My Brother Tom)

‘Tom’s company has just been blown to pieces by a bomb. He is the only survivor. He settles into a hole in the ground and waits for the whole thing to be over. Meanwhile, his two sisters are appearing on a popular reality TV show. The participants have to fight it out until the last one left alive wins the chance to join in a real war. The sisters assure each other of their love before assaulting each viciously.

Once, a long time ago, Robert and Sophie were the mother and father of a happy family. Now they are fleeing through their devastated homeland. They encounter Helena, a tough war reporter who strikes them as very familiar. Yet before the mother and father grasp who is standing before them, they lose her in the tumult of war. The two are left behind alone on the battlefield.

It is war in its many incarnations that has its say in My Brother Tom.’
(Suhrkamp Verlag, Theater und Medien)
Responses to the play:
My Brother Tom is a play that explores various perspectives on this brother, who has failed to survive one of the many wars the play could be about. None of the disparate ‘pairs’, Ellen and Gloria, Sophie and Robert, Tom and Sky, Laif and Helena, appear to have much to do with each other or the people they meet. What keeps them alive is a fragile thread, something they remember fleetingly as if they were gazing at the Earth from a lunar landscape or after some apocalyptic catastrophe, but without actually getting to grips with this memory or being able to describe it in relation to any goal (in life). The author, dramatist and director Bettina Erasmy, studies these characters and follows them as if they were behind glass. Passion, sadness and joy have become abstract variables, the only stimuli that produce a response are attacks targeted at the characters’ appalling physical and mental wounds.’
Jahrbuch Theater Heute 2007, Susanne Winnacker

‘Iraq, Afghanistan, Rwanda, Chechnya – here, Bettina Erasmy combines real-life conflicts into a great, synoptic, placeless wartime phenomenon, the background against which she zooms in on her characters’ inner desert landscapes.’
Otto Paul Burckhardt in Nachtkritik, 8 December 2008
Technical data:
Premiere: 5 December 2008, Landestheater Tübingen
Director: Thomas Krupa
Cast: 4 F, 4 M
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