Franzobel - © Courtesy:Passagen Verlag
© Courtesy: Passagen Verlag

Born as Franz Stefan Griebl at Vöcklabruck in 1967. Studied German and History at Vienna from 1987 to 1992. Played walk-on parts at the Burgtheater between 1987 and 1992. Up to 1991 a visual artist with occasional exhibitions (including the ArtStart Gallery in Vienna and the Kunsthalle Ritter in Klagenfurt). Mainly active as an author since 1991, publisher of the "edition ch", and participated in the Stuttgart "Dichter ans Theater" authors project. Franzobel lives in Vienna and Pichlwang.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Linz Town Writer 1992/93
  • Upper Austrian Award for Young Talent, 1994/95
  • Ingeborg Bachmann Prize, 1995
  • Vienna Workshop Prize, 1995
  • State Literary Grant, 1996
  • Fesch Prize, 1996
  • Dramatists Grant, 1997
  • Wolfgang Weihrauch Prize 1997 (formerly the Leone and Lena Prize, Darmstadt)
  • Kassel Literary Prize for Grotesque Humour, 1998
  • Floriana Literary Prize, 1998
  • Brecht Medal, 2000
  • City of Vienna Elias Canetti Grant, 2001
  • Winner of the Styrian Autumn Literary Award, 2001
  • Invitation to the Mülheim Theatre Days, 2002
  • Arthur Schnitzler Prize 2005
  • Adalbert von Chamisso Prize 2005

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Franzobel in the Theatre Library



    In the early morning of the 30th of January, 1889, two shots rang out from the imperial hunting lodge at Mayerling near Vienna. In Crown Prince Rudolf's smoke-filled bed-chamber were found his lifeless body and the corpse of a Baroness Mary Vetsera.More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • "Narrenturm"
      Premiered at the FFT, Düsseldorf, 2002
    • "Mayerling"
      Premiered at Vienna's Volkstheater, 2001
    • "Volksoper"
      Premiered at the Landestheater, Linz, 2000
    • "Merzedes stirbt"
      Premiered at Stuttgart in 2000
    • "Phettberg. Eine Hermes Tragödie"
      PPremiered at Vienna's Volkstheater, 1999
    • "Olympia"
      Premiered by the Klagenfurt Ensemble, 1999
    • "Nathans Dackel"
      Premiered at the Landestheater, Linz, 1998
    • "Paradies"
      Premiered at the Landestheater, Linz, 1998
    • "Kafka"
      Premiered at the Theater im Bahnhof, Graz, 1998
    • "Bibapoh"
      Premiered at the Kasino, Burgtheater, Vienna, 1998
    • "Der Ficus spricht"
      Premiered at the Lower Austrian Danube Festival, Krems, 1998
    • "Krautflut" (Theateradaption)
      Premiered at the Vienna Konzerthaus, 1997
    • "Das öffentliche Ärgernis"
      Premiered at the Wodaswar-Theater, Freiburg, Switzerland, 1996/97
    • "Das Beuschelgeflecht"
      Primiered at the Vienna Schauspielhaus, 1996