Anne Habermehl


Pit meets up with his daughter, Jenny. Now, years too late, he wants to make up for his sins of omission, and be there at last for Jenny and her brother Marco. But Marco has disappeared – while Jenny’s response is dismissive and stressed out in equal measure.
Marco has been hanging about opposite Julian and Silvie’s house, for days now. Julian has a relationship with him, and Silvie knows about it. Julian pays Marco, but thinks of it as love, even when Marco trashes his office and beats him up. Politics infiltrates itself insidiously into these private entanglements.
Parliament votes by a large majority to deploy the army on operations abroad. Even in the dark rooms Marco frequents, it is video images from the combat zone rather than porn films that get the clientele in the right mood nowadays. Anne Habermehl’s five characters wrestle for a sense of direction in a society that has jettisoned its own rules of the game until ‘might is right’ is the only principle anyone follows – even in the most intimate of relationships.
(Rowohlt Theaterverlag)
Responses to the play:
‘Habermehl skilfully choreographs duelling dialogues among changing constellations of characters. Again and again during these scenes, between rapprochement and resistance, sudden changes of direction and dismembered conversational clichés, someone raises their fist to strike and violence flares up. With this piece, Habermehl demonstrates she has a fine sense for the formulae of liberal, middle-class self-deception.’
(Petra Hallmeyer in Nachtkritik, 20.06.2009)
Technical data:
Premiere: 20 June 2009, Bayerisches Staatsschauspiel
Director: Alexander Nerlich
Cast: 2 F, 3 M
Rights: Rowohlt Theaterverlag
Translations: Theatre Library