Händl, Klaus

Händl, Klaus - © Marko Lipuš
© Marko Lipuš
Born in 1969 at Rum in the Tyrol, and lives in Vienna, Berlin, and Port am Bielersee (Switzerland). He started his theatre career as an actor in Vienna's Schauspielhaus and also took part in various films. His first theatre text, which he directed too, was premiered in the Styrian Autumn Festival at Graz. He also writes screenplays, and opera libretti.

Prizes, Awards:

  • Robert Walser Prize 1995
  • Rauris Literary Prize 1995
  • Radio Play of the Year 1996
  • Grant for the Berlin Literary Colloquium 1996
  • Hermann Lenz Stipendium 2002
  • Invitation to the 2004 Berlin Theatre Encounter with "Wilde oder der Mann mit den traurigen Augen" ("Savage or the Man with Sad Eyes")
  • Invitation to the 2004 Mülheim Theatre Days with "Savage or the Man with Sad Eyes"
  • Young Author of the Year in a Theater Heute survey

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Händl, Klaus in the Theatre Library


    Dunkel lockende Welt ("Dark Inviting World")

    “Something monstrous may have happened – or maybe nothing at all. Corinna, the fashionable, slightly neurotic maxillary surgeon with a helper syndrome who dreams of “patching up hare lips” in the Peruvian jungle and conducting a choir of healed patients, and Mr Hufschmied, the shy, but filthy rich landlord who keeps his mother’s ashes among his porcelain and, like a spider in a web, lurks in wait for a victim to feed his bachelor machine, beguile each other to gently swinging bossa nova rhythms like mewing cats in a love duet.More ...

    Wilde oder der Mann mit den traurigen Augen (i.e. "Savage or the Man with Sad Eyes")

    " 'The train has left - for both the man with sad eyes and for the town he is visiting whether he wants to or not. Günter has a troubled journey behind him: a period in Moldavia with Medicins sans Frontières, which he brought to a premature end - as was also the case with the journey home to his parents in Bleibach. To escape the heat in a train where windows couldn't be opened, he got out too early and fell into the clutches of the Flick family.More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • "Dunkel lockende Welt" (i.e."Dark Inviting World") 
      premiered at the Munich Kammerspiele, 2006 
    • "Wilde oder der Mann mit den traurigen Augen" (i.e."Savage or the Man with Sad Eyes"),
      premiered at the Styrian Autumn Festival, Graz/ Hanover Staatsschauspiel, 2003
    • "Ich ersehne die Alpen; So entstehen die Seen" (i.e."I Long for the Alps; That's how Lakes Come into Existence")
      premiered at the Styrian Autumn Festival, Graz, 2001