Martin Heckmanns

© Martin Heckmanns
© Martin Heckmanns
Born on October 19, 1971, at Mönchengladbach. Studied Comparative Literature, History, and Philosophy. Published short prose in anthologies and magazines (Der Alltag, sheeg, etc) and became editor of the literary journal "context". Grant for a stay at Schöppingen artists village. Invitation to the Hamburg Schauspielhaus Workshop Days 2002. Martin Heckmanns lives in Berlin and is at present working on commission for the Schauspielhaus Düsseldorf.

Prizes and Awards:

  • Herford Prize 1998 for "Finnisch"
  • Jürgen Ponto Prize 2000 for "Disco"
  • Grant from the Schöppingen artists village for work in progress on his novel "Neulich unterwegs"
  • Best young author in the 2001/2002 season for "Schieß doch, Kaufhaus!", chosen in "Theater heute's" critics survey
  • Public Choice "Schiess doch, Kaufhaus!" at the Mülheim Theater Days 2003
  • Invitation to the 2004 Mülheim Theatre Days with "Kränk" (“Sack”)
  • Invitation to the 2007 Mülheim Theatre Days with "Wörter und Körper" (“Words and Bodies”)

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Martin Heckmanns in the Theatre Library


    Einer und eine (One and One)

    Heckmanns’s play Einer und eine (One and One) is a modern tale of love overcoming obstacles that begins with a chance encounter in a supermarket. We see two young academics who work in the humanities, are both a little eccentric before their time and find themselves in precarious jobs. More ...

    Schiess doch, Kaufhaus ("Come On, Shoot Me Store!")

    Almost everyone talks about it. Everyone hears about it. It whirrs abstractly through TV channels, print media, public discussions, and the internet. It is acclaimed, criticized, and fought. There are as many definitions of it as there are ideologies. But scarcely anyone can say exactly what globalization is. More ...

    Kränk (i.e."Sack")

    A father and his rebellious son. A mother and her stubborn daughter. The generations have little to say to one another. They are at home in different linguistic games. These parents meet at work and are thinking of having an affair; the children think of a love which should be unconditional, grand and symbiotic, in another, better world. More ...

    4 Millionen Türen (i.e., "4 Million Doors")

    A room with four doors. Ernst is joined by Bendt, then Ella and finally Felix. They have obviously been invited to job interviews and wait in the room with four doors before they are asked to go in and present themselves.More ...

    Wörter und Körper ("Words and Bodies")

    "The play is set on the square in front of a railway station. People bustle around and stories intersect. A woman wants to bring clarity into her life and end her affair with her married lover. A tramp believes he is being persecuted by the secret service. A mother has left her violent husband, taking her child with her, and does not know where to go.More ...

    List of works – Selection


    © Martin Heckmanns
    • es wird einmal (i.e. "Once Upon a Time in the Future")
      Premiere: 2013, Schauspielhaus Bochum
    • „Einer und eine“ (One and One)
      Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2012
    • "Wir sind viele und reiten ohne Pferd" (i.e. "We Are Many and We Ride Without Horses")
      Premiered at Schauspiel Stuttgart
    • "Vater Mutter Geisterbahn" (i.e. "Father Mother Haunted House")
      Premiered at Staatsschauspiel Dresden, 2011
    • "Hier kommen wir nicht lebendig raus" (i.e. "We Don't Get Out Alive")
      UA Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus, 2010
    • "Zukunft für immer" (i.e. "Future For Ever")
      UA Staatsschauspiel Dresden, 2009
    • "Wörter und Körper" (i.e., "Words and Bodies")
      premiered at Schauspiel Staatstheater Stuttgart, 2007
    • "4 Millionen Türen" (i.e., "4 Million Doors") (together with Thomas Melle)
      Premiered at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin, 2004
    • "Das wundervolle Zwischending" (i.e."The Wonderful Neither This Nor That")
      premiered at the Hanover Staatsschauspiel, 2005
    • "Kränk" (i.e."Sack")
      premiered at the Frankfurt Schauspielhaus, 2004
    • "Anrufung des Herrn" (i.e."Invocation of the Lord")
      premiered at the Dresden Staatsschauspiel, 2004
    • "Schiess doch, Kaufhaus!" (i.e., "Come On, Shoot Me Store!")
      Premiered at TIF/Dresden Staatsschauspielhaus in a co-production with the Jena Theaterhaus, 2002
    • "Disco"
      Premiered at the Dresden Staatsschauspiel, 2001
    • "Finnisch oder Ich möchte dich vielleicht berühren"
      (i.e., "Finnish or Perhaps I'd Like to Touch You")
      Premiered at the Herford Stadttheater, 1999