Anja Hilling

Anja Hilling
Anja Hilling

Anja Hilling, born 1975, is a graduate of the course in creative writing for the stage at the University of the Arts, Berlin, where she studied from 2002 to 2006 after doing a degree in theatre studies and German literature at Munich and Berlin. It was while she was at the University of the Arts that she wrote her first play. This earned her an invitation to the Stückemarkt at the 2003 Berlin Theatertreffen, where she was awarded the Dresdner Bank Young Dramatists’ Prize.
In September 2007, Anja Hilling’s play Sinn, which she has written for a coproduction between the Comédie de St. Etienne and the Thalia Theater Hamburg, will be staged in French and German. In October 2007, Schwarzes Tier Traurigkeit, a work commissioned by the Schauspiel Hanover, will be premiered there in a production directed by Ingo Berk.
At present, Anja Hilling is working on a new play for the Thalia Theater Hamburg, which will have its premiere there during the 2007/08 season. Anja Hilling lives in Berlin.

Prizes and Awards:

  • 2003: invitation to the Stückemarkt at the Berlin Theatertreffen and presentation with the Dresdner Bank Young Dramatists’ Prize
  • International Residency at the Royal Court Theatre, London
  • 2005: voted Young Author of the Season (in a survey of critics conducted by "Theater Heute")
  • Invitation to the Werkstatttage at the Burgtheater, Vienna
  • Invitation to the Autorentheatertage, Thalia Theater, Hamburg
  • Invitation to take “Mein junges idiotisches Herz” (i.e.,“My Young and Foolish Heart”) to the Mülheim Theatertage (workshop production by Munich Kammerspiele)

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Anja Hilling in the Theatre Library


    Schwarzes Tier Traurigkeit (“Black Beast Sorrow”)

    Four men, two women and a baby go on a trip into the forest. They are all beautiful or rich or creative. Their conversations are dominated by cynical gibes and the same old game of love and distance. Today, they have taken a conscious decision to leave the city for once and find out what a night surrounded by nature out in the open holds for them. More ...

    Monsun ("Monsoon")

    In her play, Anja Hilling creates an almost grotesque panorama of all too contemporary figures helplessly trying to keep pace with their own experiences. As if observing them through the eye of a camera, she analyses a lifestyle that proves, in the real time of the theatre, to be characterised by the fatal feeling something is missing. It takes a road accident and the death of a child to draw her characters’ lifelines together. More ...

    Mein junges idiotisches Herz (i.e., “My Young and Foolish Heart”)

    A very normal day in a very normal block of flats. Miss Schlüter on the fourth floor has decided it is to be her last: “At three o’clock, sharp, I will be a tragic woman.” Yet she is not particularly poor, old or ugly – at most a little lonely and, above all, a perfectionist who plans everything down to the last detail. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    Anja Hilling
    • "Schwarzes Tier Traurigkeit" (i.e., "Black Beast Sorrow")
      Premiere Schauspiel Hannover, 2007
    • "Sinn" (i.e., "Sense")
      Premiere Comédie de St. Etienne, 2007
    • “Engel” (i.e., “Angels”)
      Premiere Kammerspiele, Munich, 2006
    • “Protection”
      Premiere planned at the Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 2006
    • “Bulbus”
      Premiered at the Burgtheater, Vienna, 2006
    • “Monsun” (“Monsoon”)
      Premiered at the Schauspiel, Cologne, 2005
    • “Mein junges idiotisches Herz” (i.e., “My Young and Foolish Heart”)
      Premiered at the Theaterhaus, Jena, 3.03.2005
    • “Sterne” (“Stars”)
      Premiered at the Bühnen der Stadt, Bielefeld, 2006