Thomas Hürlimann

Thomas Hürlimann, ©
Thomas Hürlimann, ©
Born in Switzerland in 1950. After studying philosophy in Zürich and at Berlin's Free University, he worked as an assistant director and dramaturge at the Schiller-Theater in the German capital. Hürlimann made his debut as a dramatist in 1980 at Berlin's Play Market. Parallel to the plays he produced well-received prose pieces which won many awards. Today he lives and works as a freelance writer in Switzerland and in Leipzig where he has taught at the German Institute of Literature since the 2000/2001 winter semester. (Fischer Verlag)

Prizes and Awards:

  • Aspekte Literary Prize (1981)
  • Rauris Literary Prize (1982)
  • Frankurt Authors Foundation Prize (1982)
  • Lucerne Visitors Literary Prize (1985)
  • SW German Radio Critics Prize (1990)
  • Berlin Literary Prize (1992)
  • Swiss Literary Prize (1992)
  • Marieluise Fleisser Prize (1992)
  • Mozart Prize (1993)
  • Weilheim Literary Prize (1995)
  • Konrad Adenauer Foundation Literary Prize (1997)
  • Solothurn Literary Prize for the author's overall achievement (1998)
  • City of Zürich Award of Honour (2001)
  • Joseph Breitbach Prize (2001)

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Thomas Hürlimann in the Theatre Library


    Synchron ("Dubbing")

    Sibylle and Franz, who want to see themselves as an ideal couple, get caught up in the impossibility of jointly experiencing the present moment. Sibylle dreams of a career in the theatre and Frunz, a writer by profession, of writing the perfect role for her. The reality is rather different. They work in a dubbing studio where Frunz and Sibylle lend their voices to performers in porno films - together with another couple, Elfi and Meier-Quassi, who are responsible for the crucial noises off. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    Thomas Hürlimann, ©
    • "Mein allerliebstes Krokodil" ("My Favourite Crocodile")
      Premiered at the Teatro Ticino, Wädenswil, 2002
    • "Synchron" ("Dubbing")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 2002
    • "Einsiedler-Welttheater" ("Hermit World Theatre")
      Premiered at the Einsiedeln Monastery, 2001
    • "Alpen-Hegel" ("Alpine Hegel")
      Premiered at the Hanover Schauspielhaus, 2000
    • "Aufstand der Schwingbesen" ("Uprising of the Swinging Brooms")
      Premiered at the Szene Zürich, 2000
    • "Das Lied der Heimat" ("Song of the Homeland")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 1998
    • "Carleton"
      Premiered at the Zürich Theater am Neumarkt, 1996
    • "De Franzos im Ybrig" (in Swiss German)
      Premiered by the Chärnehus Einsiedeln im Roßstallhof Theatre Group, Einsiedeln Monastery, 1991, and in the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 1995
    • "Der Gesandte" ("The Envoy")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 1991
      Revised version at the Berne Stadttheater, 1993
    • "Der letzte Gast" ("The Last Guest")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 1990
    • "Frunz, Fragment eines Anfangs" ("Frunz, Fragment of a Beginning"), 1991
    • "Stichtag" ("Deadline")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus and the Stuttgart Staatstheater, 1984
    • "Großvater und Halbbruder" ("Grandfather and Half-Brother")
      Premiered at the Zürich Schauspielhaus, 1981