Fritz Kater

Born in 1966 at Bad Kleinen (Mecklenburg-West Pomerania).
Moved to East Berlin and completed High School there.
Then military service in the army followed by training as a television technician.
Work with alternative theatre groups associated with the Church.
1987 moved to West Germany.
Casual work as a waiter, assistant director, and taxi-driver in Bavaria.
First attempts at writing. Returned to Berlin in 1990.
Full-time employment with a design control company, based in the Moabit district of Berlin.
Fritz Kater has written plays since 1990.
Married with three children.

Prizes and Awards:

Theatre Library - Translations

Translated plays by Fritz Kater in the Theatre Library


5 morgen (i.e. 5 Tomorrows )

An explosion in the city centre, white powder trickles down to earth and covers people’s bodies. A virus? A terrorist attack? The apocalypse? More ...

we are blood

1985, an industrial landscape in Brandenburg: Tim, a gifted engineer, receives a lucrative offer to go to Burundi. Career or family? Yves, his pregnant girlfriend, a journalist censored and intimidated by the organs of the GDR state, despairingly wishes she could retreat into the private sphere. More ...

Heaven (to Tristan)

The play is set in East Germany, in a landscape that is waiting for the boom. From the heavens descends cosmic radiation that is millions of years old and produces black patches on photographic paper – otherwise, the silence is deafening. Below there are decaying cities and industrial landscapes. Across them crawl a little company of deracinated individuals. More ...

zeit zu lieben zeit zu sterben ("a time to love a time to die")

Freely adapted from motifs in Pétér Gothár's film "Time Stands Still"
The second play in Kater's GDR trilogy tells of growing up under Honecker's communism. More ...

Vineta (Oderwassersucht) ("Vineta [Addicted to Drowning]")

Steve was a boxer. After nine years away he returns home. Back to Frankfurt/Oder. He wants to fight again, but he is 32.More ...

WE ARE CAMERA/jasonmaterial

"This third play in Fritz Kater's Homeland trilogy is the story of a flight, or the story of abduction of a family - a very private family story and at the same time a highly German political story.
The play circles around a family trauma; December 31, 1969, New Year's Eve in a hotel in Finland. A staging-post in a flight from West Germany to East Germany.More ...

3 von 5 millionen (i.e., “3 of 5 million”)

The first part of Fritz Kater’s new play, ‘HAMMELCHEN’, is a fast-moving dramatisation of the novel “VON DREI MILLIONEN DREI” (“THREE OF THREE MILLION”) by Leonhard Frank (1882-1962). Kater dramatically compresses his version of this fairytale story about three unemployed south German men who set out to seek their fortunes in the 1920s. More ...

List of works – Selection

Published by henschel SCHAUSPIEL, Berlin
  • 5 morgen (i.e. "5 tomorrow")
    UA, Schauspiel Stuttgart, 2013
  • "demenz depression und revolution" (i.e. "dementia depression and revolution")
    UA, Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 2013
  • We are blood
    Premiere: Maxim Gorki Theater, Berlin, 2010
  • Rose – oder Liebe ist nicht genug (Rose – or Love is not Enough) (Armin Petras)
    Premiere: Thalia Theater (Thalia in der Gaußstraße), 2009
  • Anna Karenina (Armin Petras)
    Premiere: Ruhr Festival Recklinghausen (Marl), 2008
  • Tanzen! (Dance!) Industrial soap opera
    Premiere: Styrian Autumn, Graz, 2006
  • "Heaven (zu Tristan)"
    Premiered at the Schauspiel Frankfurt, 2007
  •  “Abalon, one nite in Bangkok”
    Premiered at the Schauspiel Frankfurt, 2006
  • "3 von 5 Millionen" (i.e."3 out of 5 Million")
    premiered at the Deutsches Theater, Berlin, 2005
  • "Alkestis. Mon Amour" (I.e."Alceste. Mon Amour")
    premiered at the Leipzig Schauspielhaus, 2004
  • "Mach die Augen zu und fliege oder Krieg böse 5" (i.e."Close Your Eyes and Fly or War Bad 5"),
    premiered at the Transit Festival and the Maxim Gorki Theater (Studio), Berlin, 2004
  • "WE ARE CAMERA/jasonmaterial"
    UA Thalia Theater, Hamburg, 2003
  • "Sterne über Mansfeld" ("Stars over Mansfeld")
    Premiered at the Leipzig Schauspiel, 2003
  • "Nietzsche in Amerika" ("Nietzsche in America")
    Premiered at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg, 2002
  • "zeit zu lieben zeit zu sterben" (a time to love, a time to die")
    Premiered at the Thalia Theater, Hamburg, 2002
Published by the Dreimasken Verlag, Munich
  • "Vineta (Oderwassersucht)" ("Vineta [Addiction to Drowning]")
    Premiered at Leipzig Schauspiel/Freie Kammerspiele Magdeburg, 2001
  • "Keiner weiss mehr 2 oder Martin Kippenberg ist nicht tot" ("No-one knows more 2 or Martin Kippenberg isn't dead")
    Premiered at Nordhausen, 1998
  • "Bloss weil dich irgend ein Typ mit Sperma bedeckte und dich dann zurückwies oder meine kleine Wolokolamsker Chaussee 6" ("Just because some guy covered you with sperm and then rejected you or my little Wolokolamsker Chaussee 6")
    Premiered at Nordhausen, 1996
  • "Ejakulat am Stacheldraht II" ("Ejaculation at the Barbed Wire II")
    Premiered at the Kleist-Theater, Frankfurt/Oder, 1994
  • "Krieg, Böse III" ("War, Villain III")
    Premiered at the Kleist-Theater, Frankfurt/Oder, 1994