Rebekka Kricheldorf

Rebekka Kricheldorf - © Karoline Bofinger
© Karoline Bofinger

Born on 9.10.1974 at Freiburg i.Br. After completing high school studied romance languages at Berlin's Humboldt University (1995-97). Then took the "Stage Writing" course at the Berlin College of Arts (1998-2002). In Spring 2001 she was invited to participate in the Göttingen dramatists workshop, and in autumn that year she received a grant for living at Schloß Wiepersdorf. From January to June 2004 Rebekka Kricheldorf is house author at the Mannheim Nationaltheater while also working on commissions for Stuttgart's Staatstheater (as part of the "Writers in Theatre" programme) and Zürich's Theater am Neumarkt. Prizes and Awards:

    Theatre Library - Translations

    Translated plays by Rebekka Kricheldorf in the Theatre Library


    Alltag und Ekstase (i.e. Daily Life and Ecstasy)

    Janne is a modern young man of forty. He is making something of himself – every day. He tinkers on his optimal “I”, questions his motives and palpitates his consumer decisions for possible insufficiently reflective residues. Katja, his ex, can’t cope with the education of their daughter River, seeks solace with various Prince Charmings and in the friendship with Janne’s motherMore ...

    Villa Dolorosa. Drei missratene Geburtstage (Villa Dolorosa: Three Disastrous Birthdays)

    freely based on Chekhov’s "Three Sisters"
    Irina is celebrating her birthday. It is supposed to be a glittering party with dancing and lots of guests. But Irina is bored stiff, the few people who have come are sitting around on the floor and her brother Andrej has brought his new girlfriend with him, who is already pregnant. More ...

    Die Ballade vom Nadelbaumkiller (i.e. "The Ballad of the Conifer Killer")

    Generational clash: Rebekka Kricheldorf sends representatives of 1968's Babyboomers into the ring with "thirty-somethings" (aka the "golf generation") and today's "network children". Jan Mao is the victim of anti-authoritarian upbringing and in search of limits. He stages himself as a modern Don Juan and squanders his father's money. More ...

    Prinzessin Nicoletta ("Princess Nicoletta")

    A young Princess and an old King, a Prince seeking a bride and a jealous Aunt: Rebekka Kricheldorf has kitted out these archetypes with biographies and with relish ironically entangled them and their servants, equipped with diverse citations ("Leone and Lena" make their bow), in a bloodcurdling fairytale for adults. More ...

    List of works – Selection

    • Die Kunst der Selbstabschaffung
      Premiere: 2015, Staatstheater Kassel
    • Homo empathicus
      Premiere: 2014, Deutsches Theater, Göttingen
    • Alltag und Ekstase (i.e. "Every Day Life and Ecstasy")
      Premiere: 2014, Deutsches Theater, Berlin
    • The Cold Heart
      2013, Saarländisches Staatstheater Saarbrücken
    • Lysistrata
      UA, 2013, Theater Osnabrück
    • Testosteron
      UA, 2012 Staatstheater Kassel
    • Gotham City I – das Stück. Eine Stadt sucht ihren Helden (Gotham City I – The Play: A City Seeks Its Hero)
      Premiere: Theaterhaus Jena, 2010
    • Villa Dolorosa. Drei missratene Geburtstage (Villa Dolorosa: Three Disastrous Birthdays)
      Premiere: Theaterhaus Jena, 2009
    • Mechanische Tiere (Mechanical Animals)
      Premiere: Stadttheater Bern, 2009
    • Das Ding aus dem Meer (The Thing from the Sea)
      Premiere: Staatstheater Kassel, 2009
    • Der Kopf des Biografen (The Biographer's Head)
      Premiere: Theater Osnabrück, 2008
    • Neues Glück mit totem Model (New Happiness with Dead Model)
      Premiere: Staatsschauspiel Dresden, 2007
    • Landors Phantomtod (Landor's Phantom Death)
      Premiere: Nationaltheater Mannheim, 2006
    • Die Ballade vom Nadelbaumkiller (i.e."The Ballad of the Conifer Killer")
      premiered at the Stuttgart Staatstheater, 2004
    • Floreana (i.e."Floreana")
      premiered at the Theater am Neumarkt, Zürich, 2004
    • Kriegerfleisch ("Warrior Flesh")
      Premiered at Münster's Städische Bühnen, 2004
    • Prinzessin Nicoletta – a Fairy Tale
      World premiere at the Gießen Stadttheater, 2003
      Swiss premiere at the Theater am Neumarkt, Zürich, 2003
    • Schade, dass sie eine Hure war by John Ford (a commissioned translation of "Tis Pity She's a Whore" for the Theater am Neumarkt in Zürich)
      Premiered at Zürich's Theater am Neumarkt, 2002